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It seems it was worth the wait to see The Sicilian Vespers on the London stage

It took over 150 years for Les Vepres Siciliennes, or The Sicilian Vespers, to make it to London and onto the Royal Opera stage, but this week it debuted and proved that it truly does consider its title as one of the best operas by Verdi. It also turned out to be a great production for ballerinas, soloists, and choruses alike.

The opera is quite long at

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Lion King Theatre & Dinner Review

This is a guest post by Adam Smith who used a gift experience voucher to take his girlfriend out to swanky restaurant before seeing The Lion King at the Lyceum Theatre in the West End of London.

When you suddenly get bought a west end theatre and dinner for two voucher for a birthday by your parents, it’s an interesting way of being told to take your

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A look at the autumn arts seasons

One can easily read between the lines when it comes to the choice of production for the main opera by the Lawrence Batley Theatre in the upcoming autumn season. For many years what they have been offering has been good, even for the box office, and this year there is no exception. The theatre is now being host to the Opera from Mid Wales with Benjamin

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Arts cuts not as bad as first thought

George Osborne’s recent announcement that budgetary cuts meant for the arts sector won’t exceed 5% has brought solace to the art leaders. So relieved are the art leaders and museum managers that they welcomed the move which in itself is quite unusual. The general mood of exuberance can be gauged in the words of Mark Skipper, the chief executive of Northern Ballet that is based in

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Royal Ballet are suffering from lack of talent

The Royal Ballet has been experiencing a dwindling number of domestic talents in its composition. There are 21 dancers in the Royal Ballet off which just one woman and two men of British origin are present. This startling figure was noticed by an erstwhile ballerina Bryony Brind. The ballerina opined that the reason for such a fall in talent of British origin stemmed from the lack

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Lead actress fails once again to make an appearance in Don Carlo

Every audience member hates to see a manager come out onto the stage before the performance because it usually means that the star performer most likely is not going to appear due to the fact that they are ill or something similar. This past Wednesday, the Don Carlo performance by Verdi went ahead once again without Anja Harteros in the role of Elizabeth. In fact, the

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Opera director hospitalised after collapsing

The Vienna State Opera director was sent to the hospital and treated after he collapsed with severe back pain at a Sunday performance of Wagner opera. Franz Welser-Moest, who is also the director of the Cleveland Orchestra, collapsed near the close of the first act of the four hour long performance of Parsifal. The opera house reported that when he lifted up his baton he suffered

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Enjoy a great opera every Monday night on Radio 4

Bravo Figaro is the story of how much a builder loves opera, and was originally designed to be part of the Deloitte Ignite Series that takes place at the Royal Opera House. Instead it now plays on Radio 4 at 11pm every Monday.

It is an hour long performance that tells the story of Mark Thomas’ father Colin who loves opera. It is so easy to stereotype

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Rocky Horror creator loves his life in New Zealand

When ‘The Rocky Horror Show’ was first performed in 1973 at the Theatre Upstairs in London, hardly anyone had heard of its author, Richard O’Brien (born Richard Timothy Smith in Cheltenham). Today he is still a cult hero of considerable talent and imagination and ambiguous sexuality, as he recently commented to Radio 4. On the percentage scale, he said, “. . .I believe myself to be

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Donizetti’s little known opera comes to life at the Hackney Empire

An opera written almost 175 years ago about a key battle between the British and French in the 100 Years War might not seem the most riveting material, but ‘The Siege of Calais’, Donizetti’s little-known opera that premiered in 1836, most certainly came alive at the Hackney Empire in London last week. Though reviews are somewhat mixed, praise for the vocalists is a constant factor in

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