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Despite losing major stars the Royal Ballet kicks off its autumn season

As the Royal Ballet kicks off its autumn 2013 season it finds itself in a very precarious situation given the fact that it lost stars Alina Cojocaru and Tamara Rojo to the English National Ballet. This alone might be enough to make its first debut of Don Quixote nerve wracking, but the fact that their productions are no longer seen as an even match to the

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Royal Ballet are suffering from lack of talent

The Royal Ballet has been experiencing a dwindling number of domestic talents in its composition. There are 21 dancers in the Royal Ballet off which just one woman and two men of British origin are present. This startling figure was noticed by an erstwhile ballerina Bryony Brind. The ballerina opined that the reason for such a fall in talent of British origin stemmed from the lack

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Royal Ballet urged to hire more British dancers by Bryony Brind

Bryony Brind, a veteran of the Royal Ballet, claims that the ballet troupe needs to hire more British talent that is home grown if it hopes to preserve its long standing heritage. Brind stated that the traditions of the British are being lost because the company has been overrun by foreigners.

52 year old Brind stated that it is not enough to have just three British dancers

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Russian ballerina to join the Royal Ballet

Natalia Osipova, the Russian superstar, has announced that she is going to join the Royal Ballet. Before making the transition, the 26 year old dancer performed with the Bolshoi Ballet.

Over the last few weeks Osipova has managed to thrill London audiences with her performances at the Coliseum dancing as a principle with the Mikahilovsky Ballet. Many dance experts were thus thrilled when the news broke that

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Sergei Polunin continues to shine

Sergei Polunin, the accomplished ballet dancer, has recently commented that the stage lights used in shows can conceal and almost eliminate what is happening on stage. The dancer is known to have several tattoos but when he is on stage he makes sure these are covered up.

He has recently commented, “I can use make-up to cover them and with the addition of the stage lights they

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Royal Ballet at Covent Garden

The annual performance of the Royal Ballet at Covent Garden had all the pupils dancing on and crowding the stage. They were accompanied by Knudage Riisager’s orchestration of studies of Carl Czery which Harald Lander in his Etudes used celebrating the ardours of ballet schooling.

On Friday was the heart lifting complement of the RBS, from the bright faced tots to young artists who now face the

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Royal Ballet at O2 gamble pays off

The London O2 run of the Royal Ballet was a great success this past weekend nonetheless. The bold experiment by the company has brought high art to a whole new type of friends and some political brownie points added in at low prices. The hangar like interior of the Millennium Dome means rethinking Kenneth MacMillian’s presentation of the 1965 Romeo and Juliet strong rock concert lines.


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Royal Ballet offering something for everyone

The mixed programmes on offer from the Royal Ballet have been cleverly composed   and offer something for everyone. A pleasant evening may be enjoyed, threaded together by theme and sharp contrast to excite ones taste. This programme falls into the latter category.

A pair of ideal ballets offering pure exploration of ballet movement is followed by a costumed fanfare of colour and excitement. These offerings will have

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