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Russian ballet dancer cast in a role nobody wants; that of a convict

Pavel Dmitrichenko is currently at the centre stage of a trial, something that is quite contrary to the grand arenas he is used to. Pavel, the 29-year-old, slightly built soloist dancer dazzled many people as the Evil Genius in Swan Lake at the Bolshoi Ballet. However, Russia is now watching him as he sits in a 5ft by 8ft cage being the character in a story

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Sergei Polunin walks out on yet another production without warning

Sergei Polunin, the Ukrainian dance sensation, suddenly choose to leave the cast of Midnight Express, a new large scale ballet show just days before the show was scheduled to debut in the UK. Production director and choreographer, Peter Schaufuss, stated that Polunin did not come into rehearsals last Wednesday and then later it was found that he had quit all together.

Midnight Express is based on the

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