A New Shrek For The Big City!

Looking for a holiday?  Then look no further, for one of the best holiday destinations on the planet is right here, right on your doorstep!  There is no need to rack up a huge holiday bill, as well as expending the effort of traipsing half way round the world when a city so marvellous is but a stones throw away from you.  This is not mere hyperbole: London’s prowess as being one of the finest places to take a vacation is testified to by the hoards of families, couples, and individuals that make their way there year after year, drawn back always by the promise that there is always something more that you can get out of this city.

Because of it’s size, London is one of the few towns that can boast (in full truthfulness) that it really does have something for everyone.  No matter what your interests, you will find nowhere that can indulge them in the way that London can.  So why not take this opportunity to head to the UK’s wonderful capital and see just what all the fuss is about.  The chances are that there will be something there for you.

But then chance doesn’t even come into it: the only thing that is uncertain is how you are going to go about planning your time.  Take care not to discard the city’s most important aspects!  There should be a list of rules made for holidays to the capital, and at the head of it it would read (in bold capitals) “remember the West End theatre!”

This, too, is no hyperbole, for London’s community of exceptional theatres is ranked amongst the highest in the world.  Even if you have no interest in this art form, it would be folly to miss out on this exciting opportunity.

There is a huge list of productions to choose from, but for those with kids one choice stands high above all others.  Shrek: The Musical is definitely something to get excited about, no matter what your age, but for children it will be like a dream come true.

Appearing at the famous Theatre Royal of Drury Lane, this production promises to be really something, featuring as it does Amanda Holden of Britain’s Got Talent fame alongside such stars as Nigel Lindsay and Richard Blackwood.

This will certainly be a wonderful night out that the whole family will enjoy, so make sure you get tickets now to avoid disappointment.