A new Sussex academy for dance

A new Sussex academy for dance has been launched by dance legends from Britain at Gielgud Academy of Performing Arts, in Haywards Heath at The Hub studios. The first 80 students performed an opening ceremony dance display as the inaugural term’s ending was celebrated.

The VIP guests included great names from ballet and they along with parents and pupils watched a great performance by the BBC’s recent So You Think You Can Dances Danielle Cato and Ben Harrold a performer from West End.

Both are Gielgud Management clients and the agency and the school are attached and it is run by Piers Gielgud a choreographer who is Sir John Gielgud’s great nephew. He is the school’s director with his wife Suzanne Gielgud the film maker who is the school’s principal.

Guests of honour and the centre of the proceedings were Gillian Lynne, CBE a West End choreographer and Dame Beryl Grey. Dame Beryl spoke to the children telling them much can be lost with poor teaching. With very good teachers like the ones at the Academy you are given the chance to blossom and move forward until you reach the top. There is no one in your way to stop you it is just you that has to do it.