Abba Pavlova tribute performance at the London Coliseum

A new performance honours the memory of Anna Pavlova, the famous Russian ballerina who hit her career high just after WWI drew to a close.

In fact, at this point when her career was at its peak, she was as much a household name as Angelina Jolie is today.

Today, her dancing may be considered limited, but at the time she brought a unique heartfelt beauty to any stage she danced on and with her very wiry physique she was hard to forget.

Plus, she was quite lithe for someone of her height offering a very feminine feel to her dancing.Pavlova did not shine in traditional or classic roles, but instead she did best in trite plays that were set to silly musical scores because she was able to embody the quirks of the plays and turn them into anything she wanted.

Her best piece was possibly the dark noir Dying Swan role. Of course, she was also known for dancing just about any solo out there if someone asked, even if it was only as an encore at the end of set.

It was likely this intense drive to please audiences that led to her crazy touring schedule and her untimely death at the age of 49. What turned her dance performances into art is the fact that it was almost lyrical, open, and guaranteed to be spontaneous as she danced the way she felt every night which invariably would alter by the day.

Her dance moves appeared to be inspired instead of learned and were offered to audiences to observe without any sign of self-consciousness. In her honour, a gala performance will be held on March 4th at the London Coliseum that will mark her purchase of the Hampstead Ivy House and her memory in the dance world.