Air Studios set to offer guitar recording masterclass

This is the very first time that AIR Studios has opened its doors to the general public for this type of event

– Session features performances and demonstrations from world-renowned musicians –

The AIR Entertainment Group, an umbrella group which  incorporates both the Strongroom Studios and AIR Studios has announced that they are to hold a  Masterclass in guitar recording. This will take place on 26-27 Nov. at the famous recording facilities belonging to AIR Studios at Lyndhurst Hall in Hampstead.

Thismasterclass, which is being run by the new training division in the AIR company, is open to anyone that wants to improve their knowledge as far a music production and the techniques involved in professional sound recording. Those who attend will also get the chance to meet world renowned engineers, musicians  and producers  and learn from them.

The chairman of the AIR Entertainment Group is Richard Boote, and he has said of this event that AIR studios are famed throughout the world as being one of the main places that renowned musicians choose to create and then record their music. This new course, along with the ones that are planned to follow it, have been designed so that their in house recording expertise can be shared.

He added that as well as this, those who attended could share the experiences and views of highly respected musicians, engineers and producers and the masterclass was open t o anybody who has as interest in music production or sound recording. This is the first time that the doors of AIR Studios have been opened to the public and they are expecting a huge response.

The guitar recording masterclass, led by celebrated producer Tony Platt, AIR Studios’ Rupert Coulson and Pro Tools specialist Rob Kelly, covers the techniques and processes required to obtain professional, studio-quality guitar recordings across a broad range of genres.

The guest lecturer is Professor Dave Fisher, former Director of Tonmeister Studies at the University of Surrey, and the course will also feature performances, demonstrations and Q&A sessions with several well-known guitarists including Elliott Randall (Steely Dan, The Blues Brothers), Phil Manzanera (Roxy Music, Brian Eno) and Leo Abrahams (Imogen Heap, Paul Simon).

The course costs £450 per person, which includes lunch and light refreshments, a goody bag, and a daily prize draw offering attendees the chance to win some fantastic products courtesy of partners Avid, Hughes & Kettner, PRS Guitars, sE and Waves. The draw also includes two B+W Zeppelin AIR iPod docks.

Booking information and further details can be found at

Future courses will include an overview of modern music production techniques and a drum recording masterclass. More details will be available in the coming months.