Andrew Lloyd Webber offering £3.5 million to performing arts school

A foundation established by Andrew Lloyd Webber has recently announced that it would be giving £3.5 million to a leading school focusing on the performing arts. The money has been donated after Lloyd Webber raised the funds by selling a Picasso last year. Arts Educational Schools which are located in West London have produced some notable alumini including Will Young and Catherine Zeta Jones.

The money is expected to be used to refurbish all facilities as well as construct new ones. Lloyd Webber has commented, “I know this foundation has produced some great stars and this money is going to make a real difference to what they can do.” David Grindot is a casting director on the West End and he said that the school is very important in finding new talent the film, theatre, and television.

Jane Harrison is the principal of the school and she said, “We are delighted to have received such a generous donation, it says how much people really believe the work we’re doing is of high quality. We will be bringing our facilities up to date so that we can offer better teaching to our students.”

Specifically the money will be spent on the main theatre, disabled facilities, costume storage facilities as well as some money being given to the film and television department. This is just a small portion of the money that Lloyd Webber brought in after selling the Picasso last year. He has already promised to give away more of the money to those in the performing arts.