Arts black funding day arrives

The news of funding levels from Arts Council England (ACE) is being released all up and down the country making it a day of radically mixed fortunes. There are a total of over 630 organizations that applied for funding were disappointed as news entered email in boxes early this morning and of those 206 were formerly funded regularly from ACE.

Chief Executive of the organization, Alan Davey mentioned agonizing and painful outcomes, that the have not been able to fund good organizations emphasizing that there had been a transparent process and a clear intellectual framework.

First time organization to be brought in to ACE portfolio number 110 and some of those included the Manchester International Festival, Birmingham’s live art Fierce festival and HighTide Festival Theatre.

As a whole ACE passed on a 15% cut in arts even though they received an almost 30% cut in grant-in-aid from the government. Places like Derby Theatre and Exeter Northcott Theatre lost their entire funding as well as Arts and Business which is in the business to help arts organizations to raise funds. Others disappointed with the announcement include Riverside Studios and Shared Experience theatre company both in London.

The National Theatre, the Royal Opera House and the Royal Shakespeare Company large national organizations, all took real cuts of some 15% over the next period of 2012 – 2015. Chief Executive of Royal Opera House, Tony Hall says it fair the larger take the cut can in order to allow those smaller to survive and produce great things.

Visual arts took cuts including a heavy 40% cut by the Institute if Contemporary Arts. Galleries were positive for the most part with the announcements like South London gallery that received over a 100% increase as well as three new galleries that received anywhere from 7% increased to 17%.