Ballet and street dance come together in new production

The production that has been put on by the English National Ballet and Flawless, is going to be a very interesting combination of several different forms of dance. It is going to be a fusion of ballet, street dance as well as steampunk and the production been put together by the soloist dancer from the ballet, Jenna Lee, and the lead dancer from Flawless, Marlon Wallen.

Both of these dancers were involved in Britain’s Got Talent back in 2009, and since that time they have appeared in the Street Dance movies, Street Dance 2, and later, Street Dance 3D. They also have performed at several notable occasions including during the concert that was celebrating the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee.

The ENB has been in existence for 60 years and they continue to astound audiences by taking ballet to new limits. The new production tells the story of a dance teacher who has a great deal of control over his students.

The production really emphasises the incredible acrobatic abilities of Flawless as well as the ballet skills of the ENB. The production has been set up with contemporary music and it takes place on a minimalist stage, but by utilising video, it really brings the story to life.

When most fans of dance hear about this production, they wanted to work because it is such a novel idea that it would be a very fascinating performance. Unfortunately the whole production is let down by a very weak storyline.

The dancing is so incredible that seeing such a weak story put to it is very disappointing. The story years without a backbone and it is a rather dull tale about how they save the world. Although the story is shallow it does have its funny moments, and there is some decent humour directed towards the audience.