Bandbacker – New website for Unsigned Bands

Bandbacker  is a new website for unsigned bands which gives music fans the chance to vote for their favourite act and share in the winning band’s success.

It’s a competition with the winning artist being decided on by the people that count – the fans. It’s doesn’t cost anything to become a ‘Fan’ and by doing so members of the public will be able to vote for their favourite act from the initial 100 who start out in the competition. It’s also free for artists to enter and the winner will walk away with a record deal, a UK tour and a cash prize.

The initial public vote will whittle the competition down to the top 10 acts. Then, everything is in the hands of the ‘Backers’ who will cast the final votes. There is a small one off membership fee to become a Backer and as well as exclusive voting rights they’ll also get a range of special privileges and benefits.

All of the money raised from Backer memberships will be used to support and promote the winning band to ensure their success. As Gary Dalton, Managing Director, says part of the inspiration behind Bandbacker was to give bands a fair deal; “The artists taking part in the competitions will have already been touring and recording and would have had some success. We want to help them take their success to the next level but also ensure they’ll be rewarded as they should be.”

Dalton also sees Bandbacker as an opportunity for music fans to get involved in the industry and have their say, “Bandbacker isn’t just another competition where the public can vote and job done. We want the Fans and the Backers to be there from the beginning being actively involved in supporting and promoting the winning bands, helping to shape their careers, and benefitting themselves from their involvement”.

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