Billy Connolly unveils first art collection

Billy Connolly is one of those rare commodities who has many different strings to his bow; actor, comedian, musician and presenter. As if this wasn’t enough, he is trying his hand at yet another venture and has launched an art collection he has called Born on a Rainy Day.

Connolly made his decision to try his hand back in 2007 when he came across a Montreal art shop and was inspired to try his hand at it himself. Only a few hours later he sat in his hotel room and drew a few desert islands, and every chance he has had since then he has sketched characters or the images that were in his head.

Connolly began work in 2010 on the Born on a Rainy Day collection, and it was officially introduced to the world on the 14th March at London’s Halcyon Gallery. This is Connolly’s first art collection that has ever been published or seen in public. Castle Art Galleries and other small, independent galleries will launch the collection nationwide from the 17th -18th March.

Watch Billy Connolly in this video covering his foray into the world of art.