Bjork one of the main attractions at the Manchester International Festival

This year’s Manchester International Festival boasts an impressive array of musical, theatrical and cultural events. The festival began on the 30th of June and continues through July 17th. In addition to Björk, the festival’s musical line-up includes Snoop Dogg, WU LYF, True Faith, Rickie Lee Jones and Sinéad O’Connor.

Theatrical events include a Dr. Who themed performance by the award-winning theatre company Punchdrunk, a performance of Wagner’s Die Walküre, the world premiere of the stage play The Life of Marina Abramović featuring Marina Abramović and Willem Dafoe and the premiere of Damon Albarn and Rufus Norris’ highly anticipated opera Dr Dee.

Since 2007, the biannual Manchester International Festival has been one of Britain’s premiere international cultural festivals. This year promises to be a continuation of the MIF’s history of providing a diverse and accomplished array of cultural events across many mediums. In addition to the main festival, a fringe festival known as “Not Part of Festival” provides a complement of musical and theatrical performances and visual arts exhibits.

Björk is one of the festival’s most anticipated performers. Her singles “It’s Oh So Quiet,” “Hyperballad,” and “Army of Me” all made the UK Top 10 charts. She has been nominated for 13 Grammys, one Academy Award and two Golden Globes. In 2000, she took home the award for Best Actress from the Cannes Film Festival for her lead performance in Dancer in the Dark. Björk will be at MIF for three weeks and will perform six shows at Campfield Market Hall, her first performances in the UK in over three years. The show is designed to introduce Biophilia, a multimedia venture that includes music, installations, live shows and apps.

The show is an exploration of sound’s place within the natural world. In addition to introducing her newest material, Björk’s performances will also include songs from her previous albums and will incorporate collaborations with a variety of musical guests, including an all-female Icelandic choir.

In addition to playing host to the MIF, Manchester boasts a lively independent music scene, a vibrant nightlife and several renowned museums and performing arts venues. Due to the incredible popularity of the International Festival it is wise to book accommodations at hotels in Manchester in advance.