Charlene Soraia is the new voice of Twinings

The modern woman today finds herself split between dozens of tasks that all demand her attention, so much so that by the end of the day she has little time for herself.  Twinings recognises the fact that women are now faced with more demands than ever and address this issue in their new advert titled ‘Gets You Back to You’.

Featuring an animated tale of a woman escaping from herself for a few precious moments and rowing away into serenity, the advert itself is enough to make you believe the Twinings promise that all it takes is ten minutes to gain a little piece of mind.

The new Twinings advert with Charlene Soraia is almost a small piece of art in itself, given the fact that it was carefully constructed and layered to be a truly emotive piece of cinematography that grasps your attention and holds it there.  In fact, if you close your eyes after viewing it, you almost can see yourself having the same exact experience; which of course is going to leave you grabbing a cup of tea so that you can take ten minutes to picture the experience, making the advert one that is also brilliantly effective.

Outside of the clever animated illustrations of Psyop that help craft the magical journey of the woman in the advert escaping from herself, the ad is also notable because it features new and rising artist Charlene Soraia’s voice which is melodic, soothing, and inviting to listen to.  Soraia is singing the background tune for the commercial that sets the mood for the voyage in a new cover of The Calling’s ‘Wherever You Will Go.’

The melody richly ties together the emotion of the video and helps viewers escape into fantasy land with the animation for the minute it takes to view the video. Soraia herself is also one to watch given the fact that she is an accomplished musician who has been playing the guitar since age 8 and offers a brilliant voice to match her musical talent.

Self-taught, the expressive song writer has just finished work on a collection of songs that are also worth checking out if you need a bit more than ten minutes with a cup of tea to calm back down after a long day.  Instead, brew yourself a kettle and relax to cool vibes of Soraia and the gentle tones of Twinings.