Choosing the best dance class for your child

When choosing a dance class that is most appropriate for your child, it is important to narrow it down to the type of dance you are most interested in. There is an array of options to choose from, including hip hop, modern, tap, and ballet dance lessons; if you are uncertain of the differences between them, spare a couple of minutes to enlighten yourself.

Ballet Dance Classes

Ballet is one of the most classic, if not traditional styles of dance with children being introduced to this form of dance at a very tender age, and it usually taught alongside other styles such as jazz or tap. As they continue to advance, dedicated students may proceed to find a class which specializes solely in ballet so as to develop their ballet skills to greater heights.

In typical ballet class, students learn basic traditional steps like a releve, a frappe, a tendu, and a pile; they are also required to master the basic positions described as the first, second, third, fourth, and fifth positions where each of the latter has unique foot positioning; a combination of the steps and positions is a sheer representation of basic moves of ballet.

Students are expected to wear traditional costumes, including leotards and tights for girls not forgetting the special slippers; new female students dance in satin slippers where as the more advanced don special toe shoes. Toe shoes are made in such a way that it has a wooden block at the end of the shoe allowing the dancer to elevate his/ her tiptoes. Male students, on the other hand wear a T-shirt, a pair of black shoes, and a pair of custom made men’s tights which are relatively thicker than those worn by their female counterparts.

Hip Hop Dance Classes

Hip hop dance classes are a lot less structured as compared to ballet dance classes this however does not mean that the former as less educational. During hip hop dance lessons, students learn some contemporary hip hop steps and moves such as the toe drag, the break it down, the criss cross, and the step snap. Hip hop dance moves can easily be applied to modern music and as such, students have more freedom with regards to their dressing and it normal to see students clad in comfortable outfits like gyms clothes which allow them to move more freely.

They are also allowed to wear tank tops, baggy sweatshirts, or footless tights and footwear such as athletic shoes or trainers however, it is important to consult with the instructor prior to attending the first lesson to ensure that your child is dressed appropriately.