Classical orchestra makes its debut in Keswick

This month will see the debut of a national classical orchestra in Keswick. The Sinfonia Viva is set to make its debut on September 22nd at the Keswick Music Society festival. They will kick off the day with a performance at 3pm for the Children’s Concert scheduled to take place at the Theatre by the Lake in Keswick. In the evening they will then come back to the same theatre to offer an evening of their classics to a varied audience that will begin at 7:30pm.

The Children’s Concert hour will be led by storyteller Zoe Palmer and composer Jack Ross who share the stage with a group of musicians leading the children and audience through a concert of children’s tunes that everyone should recognise. The concert will incorporate a story that was written about ocean waves and will have many great and instantly recognisable songs such as Elgar’s Where Corals Lie and the Lennon-McCartney song Yellow Submarine.

Ross has worked with Viva in the past and was shortlisted several times for the national British Composer Awards. He stated that the programme is perfectly designed to reach out to both small children and their parents. He added that outside of giving the audience a chance to kick back and enjoy the sounds they also hope that the audience will get involved and join in on some of the movements with their voices and percussion.

The evening concert will be performed the Sinfonia Viva chamber orchestra and directed by Benedict Holland with a special feature of solo pianist Martin Roscoe. Before the music starts orchestra members will host a talk with the audience about the composers and music and then at 7:30pm the music will actually start. Holland stated that they are very happy to be debuting at Keswick.