Cuban dance comes to London’s Peacock Theatre

At the end of April London will get a fresh taste of Cuban energy when The Ballet Revolucion hits the Peacock Theatre on April 25th featuring 18 Cuban hot dances that are hot enough to get just about anyway ready to get up and dance along with. From ballet pirouettes to jazz to hip-hop pretty much everything is going to happen on stage. The dancers will be backed up by an eight piece live band that offers everything from guitars to drums to vocalists to trumpets. Songs included in the performance are hits from Beyonce, Shakira, Prince, and Ricky Martin.

Cuban dance is not just for the cubs as there are plenty of professional dancers spread throughout the island as many people take pride in the work that they perform. What makes Cuban dance special is the flavor of the dance the spicier the dance gets the better it is usually received by audiences. While Hola, salsa may be a catchphrase from the fifties, it is still a great call to the dance floor in many places outside of Cuba as well. In short, the real flair of Cuban dance is their own slogan, Put the Sauce On It.

The best example of Cuban dance was created by Acosta, a street urchin that rose up to become a prince. For many years Cuba was attempting to get into the New World but stuck in the dance of the Old World until the two fused utilizing Spanish verses and flamenco dancing. Before long, the mix was blended with other pieces of dance from France, Britain, and other operatics creating one of the most mixed dances on earth and something that is truly a treat to watch play out live on stage.