Dame Margot Fonteyn’s ballet shoes to be auctioned off

Ballet shoes that were once worn by Dame Margot Fonteyn are going to be auctioned off in August in Kent. The shoes are from the start of the seventies and have been placed on the auction block by Cheryl White who received the shoes from her mother Joy Crossen who used to own a South African ballet shop.

Crossen originally received the shoes that have amendments written into them on a sole from Michael Gamba a London based shoe manufacturer. It is expected that the shoes will end up bringing in as much as £12,000 at the Hythe auction.

White stated that you can see markings made by the Dame on the back of the shoe that shows how she would have liked to have them adjusted. She also wrote in ‘single dolly’ with a cross over the area that she wanted the putting placed into. White added that it is likely that this is the only pair of ballet shoes that the Dame actually wrote on to demonstrate how she wanted to be standing.

The proceeds from the auction are going to be used by White to help create scholarships for young dancers. The auction will also include an autograph book that has the signature of Dame Margot and a letter that was written from her.

Back in 2000 a handful of items that used to belong to the dancer such as a white swan tutu and her wedding outfit sold for the stunning amount of £640,000 which was almost six times more than most experts predicted they would sell for. Dame Margot is thought to be one of the most talented ballerinas of this century.