Eager anticipation for this month’s Ludlow Festival

The Ludlow Festival is going to see several top musicians come and perform as part of the orchestra during the event which is going to be taking place in June. The festival is going to include a wide variety of music including pop, folk, and jazz, and this announcement has recently confirmed who is going to be performing classical music at the event.

The Orchestra of the Swan is going to be welcomed and they are known for being one of the most imaginative orchestras in the whole country. The orchestra has received a great deal of critical acclaim and they are going to be performing on 27 June at the event. The principal cellist in the orchestra is Nick Stringfellow and he is going to be performing two special lunchtime concerts which will involve recitals of some of Bach’s best works.

Sponsorship has been raised by Premier Medical and this has meant that the orchestra is going to be performing in several care homes in the local area. There are also going to be several young singers at the event including those who are a member of the Ensemble Sine Nomine. This group are based out of Hereford Cathedral and it was founded in 2010 by Patrick Dunachie and Sebastien Field.

This group are going to be performing work by Handel and their performance is going to take place on 24 June. This is going to be part of the opening weekend of the festival and is sure to be a spectacular occasion.