Enjoy a great opera every Monday night on Radio 4

Bravo Figaro is the story of how much a builder loves opera, and was originally designed to be part of the Deloitte Ignite Series that takes place at the Royal Opera House. Instead it now plays on Radio 4 at 11pm every Monday.

It is an hour long performance that tells the story of Mark Thomas’ father Colin who loves opera. It is so easy to stereotype people that it seems astounding to think that a builder would love opera; however, it is very true.

Thomas does not have a great deal of love for his father, at least not the typical kind of love given the fact that his father has a history of domestic violence. Colin no longer is capable of any harm given the fact that he is severely handicapped and confined to a wheelchair given his progressive supranuclear palsy.

Therefore, the story as Thomas explains is not about redemption, but there is still a show of how love can endure the thickest violations. While he may not claim to care about his father, he does bring him professional opera singers into the bungalow to help make his days a bit easier. It is the type of sad situation that most operas are written out of.

What makes it unique is the while Thomas is busy delivering his long monologues his family members interject from time to time on lo-fi with comments that help pull Thomas back out of the hero spot and into the nitty gritty life that he has to deal with. At the end it reminds everyone that there is a back story to every single person and life is not always as black and white as it seems.