Enter the entertainment industry as a ‘triple threat’ to improve chances

Whilst most performers tend to specialise in one area, be it acting, singing or dancing, there are a a small group who can boast of being an expert in all three disciplines.

Anne Hathaway, Hugh Jackman, Neil Patrick Harris, Jennifer Lopez and Catherine Zeta-Jones are just a few of the household names that are part of this group, and are what is known with in the industry as triple threats.

The ability to have top class singing, dancing and acting on your CV makes your casting probabilities go through the roof. The prime example has to be Catherine Zeta-Jones, who combined the three when she played Velma Kelly in the 2002 film Chicago, and walked away with the biggest prize you can win in the entertainment industry; an Oscar.

With such supremely talented performers gracing the stage and the screen, nowadays it is not enough to simply be proficient in one of these skills. Casting directors search for actors or actresses with the most strings to their bow; even playing an instrument or having experience of stage combat can sway a director to cast someone, because it sets them apart from the crowd and shows that they are not only talented, but also able to pick up new skills easily. Working on as many different skills as possible, with special focus on singing, dancing and acting, can result in being able to audition for a much wider variety of roles later in life.

DramaClasses.biz is an online directory of nationwide drama schools and holiday workshops. Performers can use the site to find classes local to them to hone their skills and become a triple threat. Some of the schools offer residential short courses, with intensive week or fortnight-long training sessions which culminate in a final performance while others offer regular sessions, perhaps meeting on a weekly or bi-weekly basis.

Each of the theatre workshops listed on Dramaclasses.biz provides professional tuition in singing, dancing, acting or a blend of all three. For anyone serious about transforming themselves into the next Judy Garland or Gene Kelly, honing these skills under expert supervision is vital. Not everybody is a natural singer, dancer and actor, but rudimentary capabilities in all three will at least demonstrate to directors a sense of willingness and dedication to succeed.

Many of the performing arts and drama schools also offer special opportunities to take up stage combat, or behind the scenes roles such as stage management, lighting design or costume. All experience is good experience, and gaining a basic knowledge of as many different areas as possible is wise for anyone wishing to make it on the stage or the big screen.

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