Europe’s Top 5 Fringe Festivals

Fringe festivals have recently gained popularity in Europe providing an ‘underground’ feel to theatre, arts, and drama. You’ll find world-class entertainment shows all over the globe which provide an unconventional feeling throughout the audience. A lot of Europe has jumped onto this bandwagon as an alternative to the usual art events. Fringe festivals allow anyone to perform which really gets locals involved. Here are some of the best fringe festivals in Europe.


Edinburgh has adopted the fringe festival idea and made it a regular. The Edinburgh Festival Fringe earlier this year lasted a total of 25 days and hosted around 2,700 shows over 279 venues. You find a blend of culture and ethnicities in the Edinburgh Fringe with shows from over 50 countries. It all began in the Scottish capital 36 years ago as they started a tradition many would come to love.

It is now the most well-known fringe in Europe. The streets of Edinburgh become arenas themselves as countless spectators come to view the marvel and hard work people have put together. The creative capital hosts around 20 other festivals each year, all of which attract similar audiences—that is essentially what a fringe is, a blend of offbeat arts and drama.


The Amsterdam fringe lasts 10 days and starts late August and goes into September. The 2012 fringe is ready to start in just a week! The Fringe Festival in Amsterdam is known for intense offbeat acts that get spread energy throughout the crowd. The diverse capital blends language and culture well; you’ll find a fair share of English performances if you’re not a local.


Yes, I wasn’t kidding when I said all over Europe. Greece provides a warmer answer to the summer-oriented folk. As opposed to the comedic and energetic fringe in Amsterdam, the Athens Fringe Live displaces a multi-disciplinary artistic portrayal of positive change. Much like London 2012, the Athens Fringe promotes volunteerism and concentrates on the social aspects. Websites such as Facebook and Twitter boom with shares about what’s going on and latest event news.


Over to Ireland for another fringe classic—dating back to the 90’s, the Dublin fringe provides the best of modern dance and music. The festival takes the latest theatre booming in the world and combines it with Irish folk music. The Dublin Fringe held in September is certainly the place to be for locals as they expose their endless talents.


Now onto Hungary’s creative capital Budapest, which, some argue, has the biggest fringe audience; full of energy and spirit. Around April time brings together a wealth of unconventional performances filled with a variety of cultures. You’ll find it all here—from Afro-inspired music to some local Hungarian belly dancing. The main events in the Budapest fringe take place on Pest Broadway east of River Danube. This makes for a perfect holiday if you and your friends/family are into culturally diverse art and theatre.

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