Festival Theatre brings great performances from around the world to the big screen

Premier opera and world-class ballet from some of the most renowned institutions in the field of performing arts will be performing at the Festival Theatre which is set to screen four different presentations that have been held on Europe’s top stages.

Nabucco, by Giuseppe Verdi will be staged live on February 13 at the Teatro Ala Scala, a renowned opera house in Milan. Notre Dame de Paris, a critically acclaimed ballet by Roland Petit on the 14th of February on the same venue, Teatro Ala Scala, will follow this act.

Two other operas of Giuseppe Verdi, Falstaff will be performed at the Opéra de Paris on March 12 and Rigolletto on the 9th of July at the Teatro antico di Taormina. Tickets are available on the 18th of January for all these performances.

First time that happened in history that a theatre will send live feed production and will signify a radical change and development on today’s culture. The Festival Theatre’s auditorium offers an exceptional viewing pleasure and it is also Scotland’s biggest digital cinema. The performances will be streamed live on an HD cinema via satellite.

The Illusionist was the very first film to be shown on the screen of Festival Theatre; it was first utilised during the opening of the 2010 EIFF (Edinburgh International Film Festival). Since then, the venue has been a host of a number of festival and screenings, including the animated film of Disney Pixar “Brave” and some of the film which is included in the London 2012 Film Festival.

Festival Theatre in partnership with Rising Alternative will make the live streaming possible. Rising Alternative is the top distributor of digital product or service on cinemas, public venues and other cultural centre. They are providing cinemas with programs from the world’s prominent institution on performing arts.

Duncan Hendry, Chief executive of Festival and King stated that the theatre is already reputable venue on performing arts. Furthermore he instigated that the ability to send a live streaming programme will further enrich their wisdom about programming. He also invited the loyal fans of opera and dances to witness the upcoming events and promised that this is just the beginning.