Glasgow welcomes a ‘sonic arts extravaganza’

Being a city that boasts a host of cutting edge venues, as well as having a list of artists native to the city, including the brilliant Luke Fowler, a Turner Prize nominee, Glasgow is better qualified than most to welcome a 10 day festival that has been billed as a veritable ‘sonic arts extravaganza’.

Amongst the impressive list of commissions for Sonica’s first edition, there is Remember Me, the multimedia opera by Claudia Molitor. This is staged within a desk and is based on the contents of an old cabinet owned by her grandmother, and will be held in Scotland Street School Museum which was designed by the esteemed Charles Rennie Mackintosh.

Over at Tramway, there is the chance to catch another twist on traditional opera. Bluebeard, making its UK debut, takes opera and turns it into a multimedia experience, demonstrating the visualisation as seen by the Dutch 33 1/3 collective. Also at Tramway is a collaboration between Robbie Thomson and Sven Werner, entitle Ecstatic Art. This is a theatrical installation powered by machine that makes use of recording devices and other materials.

There are quite a few premieres to catch during the duration of the festival, another one being Our Contemporaries by Mookyoung Shin. This features hundreds of kinetic, skeletal fingers dancing around amongst the audience building towards an explosive climax of sound that is the Korean artists response to the repetition of modern life.