Head of Bolshoi Ballet replace before end of contract

Anatoly Iksanov, the head of Bolshoi ballet, has been replaced by Vladimir Urin. Anatoly was the head of ballet for 13 years and actually still had a year of his contract left. Earlier last week, he was replaced by Urin, in a further shock to the ballet world following the attack on the Bolshoi’s artistic director Sergei Filin in January, when a jar of sulphuric acid was thrown in his face.

The attack to Filin was allegedly made by Pavel Dmitrichenko. He was a former company member and since then has been arrested arrested. The past year’s roller coaster ride of the company is incomparable considering the 237 years of existence. Anatoly Iksanov was accused of wrongly managing the $1 billion renovation fund of the company.

The Daily Telegraph Magazine headlined an article published on July the 8th as ‘Bolshoi’s Tipping Point’. In the anticipated arrival of the company, they concluded: “To judge by Swan Lake, we have a treat in store when the Bolshoi reaches us later this month.” On July 29th, the curtain will be up again at the Royal Opera House in Covent Garden, which is the home of the Royal Ballet.

This venue is a favourite for the Bolshoi Ballet when they grace our country with their presence, and it was in October of 1956 when Bolshoi first danced at the Royal Opera House. The Bolshoi ballet will be performing until the 17th of August with various productions including The Sleeping Beauty, The Flames of Paris, Rubies and Diamonds, La Bayadere and Jewels-Emeralds. The ballet productions will be featuring Ivan Vasiliev and Natalia Osipova.

The anticipated three week season is billed as the golden anniversary of the company under the leadership and guidance of Victor Hockhauser. The first performance of the group took place on 3th of October 1959 and then Prime Minister Anthony Eden was present to witness the event.