I Am Kloot hit the road

There are far too many still who still don’t know I Am Kloot is, and those who are staunch fans will find this quite baffling. To be honest they really shouldn’t as research clearly shows that every year, most of us buy the same 6 albums as everyone else does, they probably buy them from a supermarket, and I Am Kloot will not be amongst them. These facts have not changed one iota, despite their breakthrough album in 2010, Sky at Night, was nominated for the Mercury Music Prize.

12 years on from Natural History, their debut album, the Manchester band bed by John Bramwell seem destined to stay in the shadows and be forever thought of as a cult group, when in all honesty they should be up there with their fellow luminaries from the north west; Morrissey and Guy Garvey from Elbow, who has been the co-producer of the Kloots’ last 2 albums.

The one good thing to come out of it all is that Kloot are now at least playing the size of venue that Bramwell’s songs deserve. This latest tour is a rare one in that they are all sit down shows, to tie in with the kind of songs that are on their latest, and 6th studio album, Let It All In. The studio line up of 3 swells to 6 when they go on stage as they are supplemented by an accordian, keyboards,trumpet and assorted woodwind instruments.

Whether you are a long standing fan of I Am Kloot, or have only just discovered their unique northern blues sound, try and catch them live. This is a show you will talk about for a very long time to come and, if justice is prevalent, you will all be buying 7 albums next year.