Jorma Elo new Scottish Ballet work

It may be called abstract dance, but there really is not a great deal about the dance form that is actually abstract. There is always an element of human behaviour when the dancers are on stage, and the way they are listening and reacting to the music. Together they create an effect which adds to the value of the piece.

Jorma Elo has recently created a new work for the Scottish Ballet. The piece is called Kings 2 Ends and it is a post-modern ballet which has many incompatible elements in its style and subtext. These are really a testament to how smart this ballet is.

It is a mixture of many styles; musically there is the airy Mozart Double which is coupled with the heavy Double Sextet of Steve Reich. As for the dancing, there is a mix of jerky and non-fluid movements with limber dancing moves. There are moments when the piece is filled with traditional and wonderfully executed dance moves and then suddenly the dancing can turn utterly random.

There are extended moments of fluid movements and these move at speeds that will thrill an audience. All of these moments are organised down to the last detail and this is very evident in the production. While the ballet does a lot to show off the skills of the dancers and what their bodies are capable of doing it does somehow contradict the cast. The ballet is a mix of random ideas that mean the dancers cannot really speak to the audience but only serve to confuse us.

The dancers have no other piece that is anything like this production and you can see this through their performance. They seem rather awkward having to perform something that in some ways is incredibly simple but in others completely vast.