Juno Temple lends her support to creative youth mentoring scheme

Juno Temple lends her support to creative youth mentoring scheme Juno Temple, the young actress who was in the Dark Knight and given the BAFTA Rising Star award, is backing a youth mentoring project that aims to help a whole new generation to develop their creative craft skills.

Juno has given her full support to the scheme called YOUYOU Mentoring who recently developed a group of young, aspiring poets by challenging them to with create a collection of poems that would inspire others to both think about and thus consider their own relationship with the environment.

To celebrate the poets achievement, Juno Temple has performed and filmed a live reading of To Be Human, a poem written by 19 year old student, Laura O’Driscoll at Keats House, the former residence of romantic poet John Keat.

Laura O’Driscoll said: “The YOUYOU Mentoring poetry opportunity has been a life-changing and invaluable experience helping all the poets to build our confidence and self belief in our work.”

Aspiring poets, Phil Coales, Poppy Turner, Phoebe Thomson, Laura O’Driscoll and Darien Charles were chosen from dozens of London-based poets aged 17-21 and were developed by YOUYOU Mentoring and recorded poems at London’s famous Premises Studios.

The poetry project was supported by The Climate Revolution, founded by Dame Vivienne Westwood.