Katherine Jenkins tries to wow with her feet instead of her voice

Welsh singer and favourite girl next door Katherine Jenkins has made her debut in the latest series of the hit American TV show Dancing With The Stars, or DWTS, and very impressive she is too. 31 year old Katherine, who was until recently one half of Wales  golden couple before the sudden and unexpected break up of her relationship with Gethyn Jones.

This talented young woman has already  turned her hand to acting and presenting, so it’s no surprise that she has decided to add the string of dancing to her bow. She scored top marks for her foxtrot on the DWTS premier, and one of the judges, Carrie Anne Inaba, said it was the best dance she had ever seen on a first show. Next up for Katherine is the quickstep, which her partner Mark Ballass has described as ‘sizzling’.

The girl from the valleys has certainly come a long way, but its a sad fact that while her career blossoms and she makes ever more successful forays into other things, her love life, like so many other stars, seems to be floundering.

For every David and Victoria Beckham, who had the fairytale wedding with the bespoke designer thrones that certainly didn’t come from any run of the mill chair hire company, there are at least a dozen celebrity couples whose relationships disintegrates in the glare of the media. It does seem, however, that the fans are sometimes more upset than the celebs as we think of them as family and want to see them happily settled down.

It has to be said that Katherine is looking particularly well, and is an enviably pretty girl who has adorned the cover of many fashion magazines. From the pictures that have come out showing her arriving at rehearsals for DWTS, and spending some free time away from the studios, she is looking very toned and fit, for which the gruelling schedule of DWTS must be playing a part.

There seems to be no end to Katherine’s talents, and the fact she has been accepted so readily into the hearts of the American’s shows that she is one of the few whose success has managed to cross the Atlantic unscathed. No doubt British fans of DWTS will be tuning in weekly and cheering on our Katherine, a talented girl with a sunny disposition that we are proud to call one of our own.