Knife throwing act dropped due to them all suffering injuries

It seems careless to lose three dancers, but accidents can happen when it is live theatre, but when all three “knife-throwers” become injured in Girl and the Knife Thrower by Simone Sandroni you can only expect trouble and finally the work was withdrawn from the repertoire.

The replacement was a mixture of three short pieces, which seemed unbalanced alongside Las Hermanas, a dark and claustrophobic piece by Kenneth MacMillan, and the mesmeric After Light by Russell Maliphant.

Las Hermanas is set to the troubling Harpsichord Concerto by Frank Martin, and creates a lot of tension throughout the piece. The piece is based on La Casa de Bernarda Alba, by Lorca, and is a tale of destructive forces in a household of women. The works has been splendidly revived, although the set by Nico Georgiadis looks made for the company’s much smaller stage at home.

Ilana Werner triumphed in her role in which she has an affair with the fiancé of her eldest sister. She completely throws herself into the role; whilst Séverine Ferrolier plays the eldest sister who is unable to respond to her Betrothed’s insistent sexuality. Roberta Fernandes gives the strongest performance as the sexually frustrated second sister. Her yearning comes across as spite towards her sisters, played with arm movements pointing in accusation.

The last piece of the evening was the fabulous Nijinsky inspired After Light, with a controlled and focused performance by Daniel Proitta. In choreography by Maliphant the elf-like dancer displayed complete unity of movement with swirls and turns as the choreographer recreates the legend and madness that was Nijinsky. This was an eventful evening with a captivating end.