Lang Lang brings piano to the masses

Classical star Lang Lang is credited in the inspiring of 40 million youngsters to want to learn the piano in China, launches a mission today to encourage UK youths to do the same. At the Southbank Centre, Lang Inspires culminates on Sunday with a celebratory concert – Massed Piano Day, featuring 50 Steinway grand pianos being shared by 100 children on the Royal Festival Hall stage.

With his only solo recital this year in London, the 28 year old pianist jumpstarts tonight the week long residency. Following will be a series of other concerts and some pop up piano events free.

He is a bit nervous which is not normal but he knows all the work that lies ahead and he wants to do something very special for the community. Alasdair Howell, six and Ziying Zhang, 10 are among the 100 children that have been chosen after submitting videos. Both are scheduled to perform solos.

Ziying whose parents are from China wants to be a concert pianist and has played for three years. Alasdair has also played for close to three years, is nervous but excited. Lang Lang was in talks with the Centre to see what could be done to continue this collaboration after the event ends since he sees many children with potential. There is thought of a second leg because it is important for the art form’s future.