Learning to sing opera

Anyone can sing opera, all it takes is a little training to control your body and voice; voice control is achieved by lowering the larynx (voice box). When yawning, you can feel you voice box sinking down, try keeping it in that position while singing a tune taking note that you should not allow it come up.

It may feel awkward at first and may even sound unusual since you are unaccustomed to singing in this manner. This is the first and most important step that will help you to develop an opera-like voice, the next step will involve learning how to ‘place’ the sound you make by directing it to the front portion of your face, also known as the mask.

To do this, start by humming really loudly within your vocal range and you should now feel like the front portion of your face is ‘buzzing’, that sensation is what is known as the mask. Continue humming slowly but this time open your mouth slowly sounding the ‘eeh’ vowel and trying as much as possible to contain the sound within the mask remembering to keep the larynx low.

Those are the two most important aspects of opera and classical singing that any opera singing teacher would teach you. When you learn the two basic steps you will realise that your voice will become louder, clearer, more powerful, and more resonant, keeping in mind that repeated action helps to train the body; continuous practice is paramount to building muscle memory.

What’s more is that you can do these vocal exercises anywhere and at any time; in the shower or in the car, keeping the larynx as low as possible even when you hit the high notes, by doing so, you will have taken the first move towards achieving true operatic brilliance.