Leeds Festival

The Leeds festival has undoubtedly presented some of music’s most memorable moments, and the 2012 festival will be no different when 160,00 mad music fans flood what many consider to be the most enjoyable festival in the country.

Headliners will entertain music enthusiasts on the Main Stage with their captivating ability to stir up an unbeatable atmosphere. On Friday 24th August, Foo Fighters will kick of proceedings as headliners, followed by The Cure on Saturday and Kasabian on Sunday.

A combination of good company, a few cheeky drinks, mud, a tent and not forgetting world-class music talent makes Leeds Festival the ultimate weekend away for Leeds Trinity’s students from and around the country.

The resident of modern flats in Leeds city centre will give up their contemporary lifestyles to wallow in the mud for a couple of days and return to their student roots.

Whilst Leeds Festival tends to attract families, and older music fans, festivals have a strong reputation for attracting groups of young students because they can be as fun as you want them to be. So, why should you hit Leeds Festival this year?

Up close and personal

Whilst festivals are a great way to get up close and personal with new people – this is not what is meant. Festivals provide the perfect (and really the only) opportunity to get extremely close to your favourite music artists. Duck and dive your way to the front row when your idol is performing and you will be just steps away from them.

United federation

Individuality is not a word that truly reflects the nature of a festival. It is probably more accurate to describe yourself more as one cow within a herd of cattle. You all blend in regardless of your language, religion or race. Jumping and throwing your arms and body in all possible directions is generally the way festival life goes.

Infectious energy

A young, free and spontaneous crowd is what makes festivals unique. For example, seeing a grown man walk round in a nappy is as standard as seeing a group of people painted head to toe in aluminous colours. The best thing is that no one cares what you do as long as you are getting involved in festival festivities.

Whatever you want whatever you like

There is a line-up of acts at various times throughout the day and evening, but nobody is checking you are in attendance. The majority of large festivals have funfairs, a range of dining options, areas to dance, among other events to get involved in. You are free to exploit festival facilities as you wish.

Get involved in new music

Festivals always showcase up and coming talent. You will be one step ahead at a festival as you educate yourself on the latest emerging talent in the music scene.

So much music

Whilst sets are shorter from artists at festivals, you will see far more acts in one festival than some will ever see in their lifetime. Artists you may not have given the time of day to before could end up being a new favourite after seeing them live.

They love it as much as you do

Many artists would only perform at festivals if it was possible. There is something about festivals that unites artists and music fans as everyone is having just as much fun as each other.