Liam Gallagher’s Beady Eye makes its debut

Beady Eye, resurrecting the members of Oasis, made their West Midlands debut Easter Sunday at Wolverhampton Civic Hall. Liam Gallagher’s band, born of the Mancunian brothers ashes of the greatest fallout of 2009 performed an incredibly raucous 90 minutes as they were free of big brother Noel.

You would be hard pressed with the untrained eye to spot the difference because of the modish sense of fashion, snarling voice and signature swagger of Liam Gallagher. Beady Eye whipped up the crowd, within just a short four minutes proving there in fact is life after Oasis, as they opened with Four Letter Word.

The chants of the crowd proved who they were supporting as the cries of Liam were heard following each song as Gallagher seemed completely unfazed by all of it. The new band seems less regimented and predictable by the rock and roll piano and guitar solos and much more relaxed.

Then came Bring the Light and song after song followed including the Beat Goes On the anthemic tune loved by all. Beady Eye was one of the years most eagerly anticipated shows and by what was evident at the show the future is indeed very bright for them, showing that they can in fact be unshackled from the likes of big brother Noel.