Littlewoods heir gives away millions to charity

Over the last 50 years Peter Moores has given more than £215m to a wide range of different projects that range from education to arts. As the heir to Littlewoods, Sir Peter Moores has spent decades working hard on his foundation for the past fifty years donating a grand total of over £215m to the arts, health, and education.

His money has been utilised by every charity, but in particular by the opera and visual arts. It has been used to mark the end of a new swansong project that spanned over eight different opera companies that the foundation has worked closely with over the past few years.

At age 80, Moore said that he is busy spending what is left of the foundation money in the ways that he wants to see it used. He explained that he does not want to leave the fund in anyone elses hands after he dies because you cannot trust someone to manage a trust the same way that you would.

The announcement that Moore will discontinue the fund comes at the same time that the public debate of public versus private funding for the arts reaches a new high. Most people within the arts fear that the government will make cuts when it comes to what is widely thought to be a success story after culture secretary Maria Miller told different arts organizations that they need to improve the methods they use to ask for private cash.

Moores originally started to give cash to young singers sometime back in the late fifties and remembers at one point asking if Joan Sutherland needed any help. He said that she had read that she was receiving coloratura training and went into her dressing room and asked if she needed money to further her training.