London Drawing brings Spirited Bodies to Battersea Arts Centre on 11 February 2012

The event is being run by London Drawing and artists will enjoy an opportunity to draw multiple models at the same time, something which is not so common.
Many of the people are going to be modelling the artists have never done so before the reasons behind them doing this are many. Some are just doing it proved that they can and others are doing it to challenge issues they have relating to body confidence. Others are saying that they want to contribute something to artists and others are challenging issues relating to ageing.

Models attending previous Spirited Bodies events say: ‘Getting naked is something I have wanted to do for some time. The experience represents for me a departure from past long held feelings of shame and guilt attached to my body and sexuality to a feeling of joy, freedom, creativity and expression.’
‘Being in a group of women felt very safe and it was very beautiful to see everyone transforming from nervous and shy to empowered.’  Artists attending previous Spirited Bodies events say: ‘It ups my concentration and makes me draw more adventurously” ‘Groups force new requirements – depth – separating – relationships of shapes’

Spirited Bodies will be part of London Drawing’s Drawing Theatre series for 2012, where artists explore their capabilities in a challenging context of performance based modelling, bringing different artistic disciplines together to enrich life art. Spirited Bodies’ models are guided and supported by professional artists’ models led by Esther Bunting, director, Spirited Bodies. 

“Modelling for the first time by yourself for a group of artists can be difficult – getting naked in public is still taboo,” says Esther. “It may be much easier to be nude alongside others doing the same. We all have body issues, however young, thin, fit, old, fat we are – life modelling can enable people to re-engage with their physical selves in a positive way, changing how you feel about yourself. We set up Spirited Bodies to give people that opportunity.” 

London Drawing developed the Drawing Theatre to play with the barriers between artists and models in life drawing. After six years developing creative life drawing programmes for Tate Modern, London Drawing launched the Drawing Theatre sessions in the Battersea Arts Centre, an exciting building which lends itself to creative pursuits. 

“The Drawing Theatre is a spectacular fusion of theatre and drawing. It takes the passivity out of life drawing, creating a vibrant connection between performers and artists, to the benefit of both. It reminds artists that they are drawing people, not statues, and dynamic poses infused with emotion challenge artists to be their best, which is why artists who come to Drawing Theatre get so much out of it” Says Anne Noble Partridge, founder, London Drawing. 

Poses will range from 1 – 2 minutes to 30 minutes, with different levels of interaction between the models. The action will take place in several rooms at the Battersea Arts Centre. 

Previous Spirited Bodies have ranged from 18 – 67 in age, come from over 10 countries, in all sorts of body shapes and sizes. 

For more information, see Esther’s blog Spirited Bodies and Spirited Bodies page on Facebook and London Drawing’s website|