London Philharmonic to perform at Heathrow during 2013

As part a new effort to bring attention to London’s artistic and musical scene, the London Philharmonic Orchestra will be performing on various occasions during 2013 at London’s Heathrow Airport in the public terminals.

The orchestra is world famous, and now some lucky travellers will be able to leave the country in style as they get a very unconventional and unforgettable send-off from the major London hub of transportation.

New research shows that about half of passengers enjoy listening to music while they are travelling even though only about eight percent actually do.

The London Philharmonic Orchestra will be performing in the departures area with many live performances already booked for the year. Outside of the performances by the orchestra that are live, street pianos have also been placed in terminals so that musical passengers can play music on their own.

Corporate relations manager for the London Philharmonic Orchestra, Helen Searl, stated that they loved seeing the warm reception they got on the faces of passengers when they performed at Heathrow during Christmas and the Olympics so they thought it would be delightful to do so again. She added that most passengers were not expecting to see a twenty piece orchestra at the departure gate check-in.

Head of passenger experience at Heathrow, Carol Stokes, added that passengers often say that love live music which is why the airport is so glad that they will be able to work with the London Philharmonic Orchestra throughout the upcoming year.

She added that the live terminal concerts offered by the London Philharmonic Orchestra will help make the journey through the airport better for many travellers and at the very least will make it much more memorable and vibrant.