Longborough plan special events for Wagner’s bicentennial

The staging of Longborough tells the story, quite simply, of Wagner and explains why and how the 488 seat opera house of Martin and Lizzie Graham has become known as the home of Wagner. In fact, next year as part of the bicentennial celebration of Wagner’s birth, it will stage Der Ring des Nibelungen which is quite special as no other theatre on the British Isles has plans to do so. The three cycles of this staging will run from June 16th up to July 12th.

It has taken quite some time for the Longborough Festival Opera Ring to be built up as it was first founded in the country home of the Grahams back in 1991 when the company choose to put on a condensed version of the play in 1998.

When this was met with a wide degree of acceptance and critical acclaim they started to plan out a full cycle that began with the Das Rheingold back in 2007. This past Tuesday the first night of Gotterdammerung debuted on the stage and the final ring was in place for the cycle to be told.

For those that do not want to get over burdened with the complexities of the ring or those that are sick of plays that do; this is a real treat and the perfect antidote. This is because the orchestra sounds like almost the real thing and the singers is perfect at lightly offering the words up without cluttering anything in the ring.