Capitalizing on their success in Nottingham, Freeq the magazine has decided to expand their publication to Manchester to in an effort to capture the attention of the city’s notorious creative industry.

Freeq first launched in Nottingham in 2008 as a magazine that highlighted the creative arts, music, and social conscience and since then has worked alongside some of the largest artists and charity organizations.

While most paid for magazines are watching their subscriptions dwindle high quality free magazines are reaching high levels of success due to their avid readers and eager sponsors.  Freeq is known for its high design and copy styles and its distinctive cover art which features work from illustrators and artists handpicked by the Art Director for the magazine, Mellisa Harrison.
World famous doodler and illustrator Jon Burgerman has twice contributed cover artwork to the magazine as a sign of his support and the first ever photo cover was provided by renowned rock photographer Jill Furmanovsky after meeting Editor Sam Borrett at Glastonbury in 2009.

On the magazine’s most significant advancement since launching Sam Borrett said: “We know Manchester and the surrounding area is a hotbed for creative individuals all contributing to a cottage industry that benefits from high quality media exposure such as that we and other outlets can provide. There is often no outlet for up and coming talent and we continue to spotlight relatively unknown artists alongside coverage of more established creatives and musicians.

“Our unique social conscience aspect of the magazine brings important current affairs onto the radar of people who wouldn’t necessarily hear about these issues through the mainstream media. We’ve helped educate people about ethical fashion, climate change, the work of Christian Aid and Oxfam among others.”

Freeq magazine will be working with Arts Council North West to promote their funded projects and is looking for other suitable partners for sponsorship and cross-promotion in an effort to further develop Manchester’s creative infrastructure.

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