Michael Sheen makes 72 hour Easter statement

The 72 hour rendition of the Passion ended in grand fashion with a giant wooden cross dragged through town before the crucifixion scene, by hometown actor Michael Sheen. Sheen returned to his place of birth, Port Talbot, Wales for the remake of Passion of Jesus Christ a marathon production to mark the Easter weekend.

Sheen, to stay in character, slept on the mountain under the stars and was baptized at the local beach in icy waters. Then at a local club, the following day, he enjoyed a last supper of sandwiches and beer before being hauled away by the police to a cell.

Then walking to a traffic roundabout dragging his crucifix on Easter Sunday he reenacted the dramatic climax, covered in fake blood and wearing a crown of thorns. He was finally resurrected and said he needed a shower.

It was declared a success for the more than one thousand that took part by artistic director John MCGrath of the National Theatre Wales. Declaring it was absolutely fantastic. It was understood by the entire town and they ran out to purchase copies as they were thrilled to see it all over the nation’s newspapers front pages.