More details released on Marshall’s 50 Years of Loud Live gig

Marshall Amplification, who are currently in the midst of celebrating their 50th anniversary, have released further information on next months commemorative live concert at Wembley Arena.

Billed as ’50 Years Of Loud Live’, the concert has already been touted as ‘a one night only chance to see so many rock legends perform in one place’, and now with further information just released, it sounds like it will be that and more…

So far, some of the world’s most credible guitarists have joined the bill, which is also a tribute to Marshall Amps founder, Jim Marshall who passed away in April this year.

Not only that, but other artists including world renowned drummers and bass players that wouldn’t automatically be associated with such a huge guitar amplifier brand like Marshall have also offered their services for the evening, wanting to be part of such a landmark event.

Every artist on the night will be accompanied by a world class house band that has been put together purposely for this event. Consisting of members from bands such as Bad Company, Whitesnake and Ozzy Osbourne, the house band will provide the consistent back bone for the evening’s (rather loud) entertainment.

Artists playing at the event have had free choice on what they want to play, but at the same time it was suggested they include something different from the norm, something people won’t be able to see them do again anytime soon.

So, if you’ve ever wanted to see Yngwie Malmsteen play a song by his own musical heroes as well as his own material, or perhaps see Kerry King paired with another certain guitar giant from the metal world, this could well be the place to see it, the only place in fact.

We’ve been guaranteed that such memorable collaborations will be coming thick and fast throughout the whole show, and will feature a finale like no other.

Aside from the huge amounts of musical skill on the night, the concert will also be a place for Marshall fans to become part of the 50th anniversary, with specially produced videos that charter the origins of the company, the artists that helped put them on the map, and much more including a special tribute to ‘The Guv’nor’ Jim Marshall.

The ‘Marshall Collection’ will incorporate various displays around Wembley, including the holy grail of tone ‘Marshall Amp #1’ alongside some other incredibly vintage and rare products. There will also be a display of artist related Marshall items, not only amps used or signed by various rock legends, but guitars and personal memorabilia displayed alongside them too. This will be the first and only time Marshall have let such items out from their own museum, located at their factory in Milton Keynes, UK.

Apparently there are still more names to be confirmed at any time. For any fan of Marshall, or any fan of rock music in general, this promises to be a monumental event that celebrates half a century of two rock icons; the brand itself, and the man who created it.