Movie stars speak out against threats to the arts

A serious threat to the arts in UK is on the horizon says some of Britain’s biggest names from television, film and theater due to government cuts. David Tennant, Dame Helen Mirren, and others, in a letter to the Observer, stated that a huge return for the country comes through public investment in the arts, and cuts should not affect culture.

Cuts to the arts compares for instance to cuts to the police, were less said Jeremy Hunt, Culture Secretary. Arts Council England, distributor of money to theatre groups, arts venues and galleries was told in October they would have there budget cut by close to 30% creating plans from local councils to drastically cut their arts budgets.

Others that signed the letter include the likes of Jeremy Irons, Kenneth Branagh, Simon Callow, Rory Bremner, Jo Brand and Miranda Hart. The letter included that the government had promised a golden age for the arts and nothing could be further from this, further stating that the biggest threat in decades to the arts and culture and their funding is upon us now adding that the sector contributes over £7bn a year to the country’s economy and public monies are important.

Secretary Hunt said in some areas the stars have a right to be concerned and urges that local councils understand that there is a huge importance both socially and culturally and economically to the arts. He added that on a whole, nationally the cut to the arts was only 11% and the Foreign Office and police are being cut by much larger percentages. Therefore everything is being done very precisely realize what they do for our way of life.