Music is a big tourist puller for UK

A new UK music report, for the first time spelled out the live music sector’s value to the tourist trade in Britain and has put a value on the amount of money injected into the economy from overseas music fans. There were close to 8 million overseas tourists and domestic travellers that attended concerts and festivals in 2009 spending over £1.5 billion.

Using recent data and the report also calculated that net of costs the economy in the UK benefitted by £865 million that sustained close to 20,000 full time jobs. This demonstrates that the UK music sector enjoys a great worldwide reputation and is evidence of how it makes contributions to the economy, further strengthening the opinion that the UK music industry is the strongest in the world.

By defining what an overseas music tourist versus a domestic music tourist a determination was able to be made as to how many tourists attend festivals and concerts that have audiences greater than 5,000. An overseas music tourist is one that booked a ticket to an event prior to travelling and a domestic is one that booked a ticket in advance before moving out of their own region.

The results were that total attendances were 14.8 million in 2009 for concerts and 3.5 million for festivals. Approximately 41% of the attendees at music concerts were music tourists while 48% were music tourists at the festivals. Making the results not surprising that domestic tourism is higher than those coming from abroad with 95% of all tourist visits being domestic. Research shows that overseas tourists account for 5% of music visits and spend a great deal more than the domestic counter parts.