Musical Theatre

Musical theatre, the act of telling a story through singing, music, and dance was first seen in early Greek and Roman culture, so show tunes have been around for over 2500 years. In the middle ages, Europeans saw musical theatre as a vehicle for popular songs, and slapstick comedy which is still around in some productions, though others have a more serious, dramatic storyline.

For six and a half years ‘We Will Rock You’ has been delighting audiences at the Dominion Theatre in London, becoming the longest running show at the theatre. In 2008 it also broke another record, for the most number of admissions over one single week that year. This is just one example of how musical theatre is big business. Despite the recession, more people than ever before are descending on London to catch the vast variety of shows on offer. There are also famous shows touring all over the world, and appearing in Broadway, the American home of musical Theatre.

In recent years, television shows such as ‘Any Dream Will Do’ and I’d Do Anything’ have opened doors for many talented young stars, now appearing in shows such as Avenue Q, We Will Rock You, and Hairspray in the West End. Although it may seem so, those to benefit from these types of shows, aren’t always the overnight success they may seem. Musical Theatre is a difficult discipline, and any training and experience, combined with your natural talent will help you stand out from the crowd.

The Hot Courses website lists 165 colleges and stage schools across the U.K that offer musical theatre training at all levels, and there are many amateur theatre groups, holding auditions for talented, determined, confident, team players.