National Youth Jazz Orchestra

The National Youth Jazz Orchestra last year held a sell-out concert that is still being remembered a year later and it seems as if the year has come around very fast and the second event is going to be held next week. The interest in the concert has already been enormous. The NYJO is an orchestra that features the best young jazz artists in the country and gives them an opportunity to showcase their skills in front of an audience.

The orchestra’s roots go back to the mid-1960s when the orchestra was founded by Bill Ashton. He was an Oxford graduate who wanted to give people who are under 25 years old an orchestra where they could practice jazz music. The orchestra has a focus on people who are good at sightreading and have technical proficiency and his orchestra has a legacy which continues to inspire young artists and audiences today.

There are 24 young people involved in the orchestra and every year they put on about 50 performances around the country. In total they have released 50 albums and toured internationally. In the past they have been selected to perform in front of the Royal family and also have been televised on numerous occasions.

Another main aim of the orchestra is to encourage people’s interest in jazz music and every year there are special events designed to get people interested in jazz. This show is going to feature a great deal of Christmas music including the Christmas Carol Suite from Paul Hart and a selection of music set to the famous Christmas book A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens.