New app released by the Philharmonia Orchestra

Have you ever dreamed of being a one-man orchestra? This is now possible thanks to ‘The Orchestra’ a new iPad application that allows you to take control of all types of instruments. The interesting app was developed by The Philharmonia Orchestra and it allows the user to blend music and video, and interact with all types of musical instruments. Of course, there are also detailed guides which will get you started in the wonderful world of music.

If you are a fan of classical music or just interested in orchestra, then you’ll absolutely love this application. Released just last week, it has already been downloaded thousands of time, because of the new iPad experience it offers. Creating and editing music has never been easier before and all this thanks to the Philharmonia Orcestra’s App.

The application currently includes eight full performances and parts from six others. You can participate in each performance and view them from three different angles. There is also a very helpful dot-diagram which indicates which instruments are currently playing. The scoring system is very good as well and you can easily scroll through all the top scores and compare them with others.

The application is very impressive in terms of interaction, functionality and convenience. Its interface is very intuitive and you can easily access all the content you need. Thanks to the application you can also learn a lot about the different instruments being played and some interesting facts about the pieces included in the application.

There are also special video guides that show the Philharmonia’s principals and their opinions of certain instruments and parts of some performances. One of the most interesting features is the commentary from Salonen which accompanies each piece.