New Christmas animation to be based on Rossini opera

Rai, the Italian pubcaster, has recently started on the development of a new animated film that is going to tell the story of a mad scientist. The film is going to be a Christmas special and is based on a Rossini opera.

The short film is being created through a collaboration between the Italian production company DNA Creativo and Rai Fiction. Story revolves around a mad scientist who believes that the world is going to suffer an enormous flood and decides to build an Ark. Then, in order to decide who gets to go on the ark, he devises a complex game for people to take part in.

The head of marketing for Rai Fiction recently made a speech at the cartoon festival in Rapallo, in which he stated that the majority of the budget for animation from last year had been spent creating Italian productions. He also said that the budget, which is worth many millions of euros, is going to remain the same for this year and is also going to involve the release of an animation of the famous story of Cinderella.

Rai Fiction have also announced that they are going to be releasing several other shows this year including a production called Battle Dancer as well as they will be shooting something in 3-D for the first time.