New Cinderella adaptation shines at the Edinburgh festival

It is impossible not to be impressed by the work that Alexei Ratmansky has done on her adaptation of Cinderella that debuted at the Edinburgh Festival as the choreographer is in high demand throughout the ballet world.

He is also unique in the fact that he is one of the only choreographers that is able to create work that is modern and classical at the same time. It is this very reason that makes his creation of Cinderella so stunning, because it is hard not to appreciate the hard work that he put into the choreography as he turns the classical ballet into something that could be showing for the first time in the West End.

The main challenge of Cinderella is the fact that the score is very old-fashioned, as it should be given the fact that the play dates back to 1946. The structure of the score is very traditional with long passages and a very melancholic feel that is made even worse by the tonal shifts that come at oddly placed times.

Lesser choreographers have been ruined by the shifts in the past, but Ratmansky chooses to bring out the tonal shifts by matching their contradictions with his choreography and the results are stunning.

The ballet becomes very quick moving and sharp and much more stark in nature. This offers the ballet a very modern feel and when you toss in plenty of beauties on stage in evening gowns the effect even becomes more alluring.

The dancers are also wonderful as the characters do more than just dance, every single one of their motions seems to speak to the crowd from the clumsy Ugly Sisters and the vampish stepmother. Cinderella of course stands out with fluid and seductive movements that capture the eye from the start to the finish.