New suite created for string orchestra by David Matthews

David Matthews has recently created a new suite for a string orchestra which is called Three Birds and a Farewell. In the past, birdsong is not something that has been typically embraced by composers as it is often thought of as sporadic and irritating, rather than particularly musical. However Mr Matthews has gone against convention and in the first part of this new production it seems that birds have given him a serious amount of inspiration.

The musical instruments on the stage give a stirring performance and the solo performed by Sarah Jane Bradley is quite remarkable. This piece of music is a really remarkable reminder of what Mr Matthews is capable of and it really does justice for the artist and what he is capable of.

He used to be a composer that some people thought were out of step with his time as his music often seemed rather awkward. However, people are beginning to come to appreciate him for the master craftsman that he is and many musical historians are beginning to give him the respect he deserves compared to his contemporaries.

In many ways similarities can be drawn with him and Sibelius who also was slightly out of sync with his time. However, now this composer is considered absolutely central, and so will Mr Matthews be. This production is performed very well and it is not just the soloists who excel, the way all of the musicians come together to perform this music is quite remarkable.