New Twinings ad with Lissie

Last year we were all blown away by the exquisite Twinings TV advert/ Go your own way by Lissie, featuring the girl in the boat who found herself. The wonderful cover version of the Calling’s Wherever You Will Go by Charlene Soraia was the perfect musical accompaniment and the whole experience evoked emotions in us that are rarely stirred by a 30 second television advert.

Now it’s 2012, and never a company to rest on their laurels, Twining have unveiled their latest ad, and it’s set to be every bit as popular as the last one. Created in the same kind of ethereal animation that made the first advert so unique, this latest offering sticks with the theme of gets you back to you, and we find our tea loving heroine is a forest full of swirling mist and making her way towards the sun.

The mist gives way to a glorious mountainside which she climbs barefoot and meets herself at the top. The musical accompaniment this time is the Fleetwood Mac classic Go Your Own Way by Lissie, and it is as enchanting as ever. If you haven’t yet seen this amazing piece of film, then you can find Twinings new TV advert on YouTube. You can also follow your favourite commercials on the Twinings Facebook page.

Twinings have built a reputation over the years for creating not just any old tea, but for producing evocative and herbal blends of refreshing and thought provoking beverages. Their teas are enjoyed by all, and even the most discerning tea drinkers can not fail to be impressed by what Twinings tea can do to a cup of hot water. Whether you like a traditional or a modern tea, Twinings hits exactly the right note.

These commercials epitomise everything that is special and unique about Twinings teas, and rarely do you find a brand that is so exquisitely represented in its adverts. The music plays a big part too, and the tracks and singers chosen to play out the story we see unfolding before us is a touch of genius.

Whether you feel more akin to the girl in the boat or on the mountainside, the one thing you all have in common is the way you feel after sipping from a cup of Twinings. When you decide to go your own way, wherever you will go, there will be Twinings waiting at the end of your own personal rainbow.